How do I do this?

Place an order with us for £30 or more.  On checkout, in the comments box, just give us the details of your friends name and where they live (at this point a general area is all that we need – e.g. Jane Smith, Durham).

When your friend places an order with us (for £30 or more), all they have to do is put your name in the ‘referred by’ box when registering as a customer.  Once their order has been submitted and paid for, you will be sent a goody bag (up to the value of £10) absolutely FREE! 

When your friend places their order, they can also recommend a friend and then they will receive a FREE goody bag, once that friend orders and so on.  The same conditions apply as above.

Are there any restrictions to the number of friends I can recommend?

No – you can recommend as many friends as you like, but each recommendation can only be made when you order goods worth £30 or more and only 1 friend can be nominated with each order (even if your order is for more than £30).

Can I recommend a friend who is already an existing customer?

No – recommendations can only be accepted from NEW CUSTOMERS.

What if I order less than £30?

You will still receive a FREE GIFT for ordering with us but we can only accept recommendations when orders total £30 or more.

How and when will I receive my goody bag?

This will depend on what your friend orders but we intend to send out your goody bag with your friends order.  If this is not possible to do so, it will be sent directly to you. 

If we send out the goody bag with your friends order, it will be clearly marked that this is the goody bag for you.

Are there any time restrictions for orders?

Yes, your nominated friend MUST ORDER WITHIN A MONTH of being nominated.